About Us

Success in any company depends on one thing above all others—communication. Success-driven companies understand that their communications infrastructure is what keeps the information flowing, and what keeps the lines open. And it's not just phone lines any more. You rely on your communications infrastructure for voice, data, and video; for staying in touch with partners, customers and workers around the world; and for solving real-world collaboration problems. That's why more companies rely on Direct Line Communications.

Direct Line Communications has developed a sterling reputation for innovative engineering, dedication to personalized customer service, and a consistent level of quality. It is this reputation that drives our success and the success of our clients. We're well known for our innovative communications engineering solutions that use the best available technology to boost our clients' productivity, and give them access to superior communications and collaboration tools based on state-of-the-art voice, data, and video products and services.

A privately held company, DLCI’s executive management team have a combined total of 175+ years of experience in the telephony industry. Direct Line Communications has been dedicated to providing communications solutions and engineering throughout the Midwest states and the Carolinas. We have provided customers with customized and effective communications solutions across all major industries, including education, finance, medical, retail, manufacturing, public utilities, and residential construction.


Preparing for the future…today

Communications technology has changed and adapted over the last several years to meet new challenges and new demands. It's no longer enough to just keep up to date—companies have to plan for the future. Communications is vastly different today than it was ten years ago; and ten years hence it will go through even more evolutionary changes. Will your communications infrastructure be able to accommodate those changes? DLCI will make sure you're ready to face the future.


End-to-end control and visibility

We make it our business to understand every piece of the puzzle―every piece of technology, every task, and every business need that drives the project from the beginning. Our strategic oversight means we can function in the role of general contractor, coordinating work between our own crew and our quality subcontractors, ensuring safety through every step of the process. Through our in-house and subcontract team, as well as other quality partnerships, we are able to handle very large projects with the greatest efficiency―ensuring visibility and control at every step. DLCI has more than 75 full-time employees and 151 approved subcontractors, giving us a total of 1014 employees in 2011.