Clients and Major Accomplishments

Since 1992, Direct Line Communications has consistently provided outside plant communications projects to leading firms, including AT&T, Frontier Communication, and Verizon. Among many other major accomplishments, DLCI has built Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) installations in Fort Wayne, IN, Myrtle Beach, SC, and Tampa, FL.

AT&T Frontier Communications
GTE Verizon


DLCI has an install and repair and central office equipment installation contract with Frontier for Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina and South Carolina, and is presently supplying the company with technicians in these states. We were also one of the prime contractors for the 2005 fiber to the premise Verizon project in Fort Wayne. Our local project team has just completed the Huntertown fiber to the premise expansion as well as the FIOS conversion of several multi-dwelling units and multi-tenant units in this market.

DLC has been an approved outside plant contractor with GTE/Verizon since its inception in 1986. In 1998 we were awarded the GTE “Quality Award of Excellence” as an outside plant contractor for achieving product and service standards of excellence as a partner in quality. Most of our field supervisors are former GTE/Verizon management personnel who are experienced with and knowledgeable of our customer plant specifications.

DLCI currently has projects in the Midwest that include retrofitting MUX/Pair Gain sites to allow for the provisioning of HSI (High Speed Internet) to rural customers for Frontier in Indiana; as well as an intensive fiber project in Southern Illinois that qualifies and certifies Frontier inter-office fiber transport rings to upgraded levels of OC 192 and above. We also recently completed a major roadmove initiative in Fort Wayne Indiana that included numerous manholes, large segments of conduit and copper as well as FiOS facilities with no loss of services to existing customers in a very transparent manner.