Construction Services

A full-service company capable of handling a project from initial strategy to the maintenance phase, Direct Line Communications, Inc. can handle all types of copper and fiber outside plant communications projects.


We have the experience

With experience in several large-scale installations, we have vast resources from which to draw, and decades of experience. Our large skilled staff, along with our extended approved subcontractors, are capable of installing any type of new component, such as poles, aerial cable, buried cable, underground cable and manhole conduit systems.


We have the equipment

Depending on the project and the job site, different equipment may be required. Rest assured that our staff has the experience necessary, as well as access to the best equipment for each situation, including Digger Derrick trucks, Telstas, bucket trucks, cable plows, cable trenchers, combo units, frost trenchers, backhoes and directional boring machines, fiber splicing trailers, and manhole carts. Our construction crews can handle your needs on a timely basis, whatever they may be. We have staff available throughout the Midwest and Southeast.


We make sure people and facilities are protected

Operating heavy equipment and cabling always carries a risk, and all of our people are fully trained in safety procedures, both for their own protection and for yours. You can be assured that a construction site will remain orderly, with everything in place; and we take great pride in our safety record.


We have the end-to-end collaboration

We make sure every task is complete. We have the resources to handle any project, and our construction group can also support our inside premises division whenever it is necessary to establish connectivity between buildings, or in a campus installation. We believe in teamwork and communication—and the unparalleled visibility and collaboration that we bring to the table provides for a better construction schedule, and a more timely completion of your communications project.


We have the range of services

Our construction group offers full range of services, including: