Central Office Equipment Installers

If you have the need for Central Office Equipment Installation and maintenance, we can provide supervised and qualified technicians to perform duties ranging from the simplest of installs to the very technical test and turn up of switching and transmission equipment.

Our central office equipment installation qualified technicians can perform routine tasks such as running jumpers for cutovers to the more complex monitoring of existing circuits for rollover of transport testing to the installation of high speed internet office equipment. Our people are very cognizant of the latest versions of fiber to the premise head-end equipment as well as the new offerings from Adtran, Fujitsu, etc for high speed delivery of DSL.


Central Office Equipment Installer

Our central office equipment installation operation consists of:

  • A defined procedure from start to finish
  • Project Management with emphasis on transparency and eliminating outages
  • Area Supervision
  • Material Management
  • Work Order Tracking
  • Quality Inspections
  • Detailed job closings
  • Detailed and specific billing