Install and Repair Technicians

Our technicians are fully capable of performing all aspects of an install, including placing aerial dropwire from the terminal; and placing the network interface device/network interface jack and wiring the home with inside or outside premise wiring, finalizing with termination into the jack.

Installation and RepairOur technicians will be equipped with a fully-outfitted truck and all appropriate tools. Basic test gear will also be utilized that will allow for efficient and timely resolution of trouble calls, including the ability to analyze and resolve trouble back into the network up to the sealed plant.

Additionally, highly skilled install and repair techs are available to perform specific maintenance functions such as isolating and analyzing defective sections to allow pinpoint excavation resolution, thus eliminating a costly capital section replacement work order. Also, these techs can be utilized to perform the process of noise mitigation as well as the elimination/reduction of the digital signal irritant of power influence.