Inside the Fence

Wireless technology is dependent upon many intricate details once you gain access within the confines of the "fenced" cellsite boundary. Whether it be new construction, retro-fitting or even decommissioning, we can provide the trained and qualified workforce to bring all of the intricate details together for you in a qualified and organized arrangement. Throughout the AAV/Civil process we can provide the following services for you:

  • Placement of conduits
    • Buried via hand or mini-equipment
    • In-building Installation
  • H-Frame installation
  • Grounding & Ground Fields with meggering results
  • Equipment Installation (Hoffman/Ciena Boxes, etc.)
  • DC Power & Breaker Installation
  • AC Power & Breaker Installation
  • AC/DC Cabling
  • Cabinet Installation
  • Fiber Tail Installation and Testing
  • Site Restoration
  • Structural Steel Erection
  • Concrete Work of all types
  • Drilled Caissons

Hand dig at cell site with employees and tower in photo H-frame extension with 2 j-boxes and Purcell cabinet setup

Overall picture of ice bridge with h-frame extension and Purcell cabinet setup