Wireline Backbone to the Cell

Fiber testing

Wireless technology is ever evolving but the backbone of the network is still umbilical corded to the switched network via either copper T-1's or fiber. We have the expertise to install, construct and maintain your network whether it still be copper T-1 driven or enhanced fiber at OC-x levels.

  • Whether it be bonded copper technology or Basic T-1, we can support your copper network through pair qualification and enhanced bonding and grounding.
  • We can upgrade your existing fiber network by qualifying, certifying and testing your fibers to achieve maximum levels allowable for PMD/CD to enhance your traffic speeds to OC 192 and beyond.
  • Should your existing fiber not be quantifiable to PMD/CD levels required, we can replace and construct new entire fiber routes that will meet your needs and desires. We have the construction experience to place by plow, trench, directional boring or aerial your desired fiber route. We have the qualified technicians available as well to splice your new network and if so desired, we can install and cutover the necessary central office switched network in the same breadth.
  • Provide pictures of fiber placement, splicing, testing and office COEI work.